October 19, 2017


Join us for worship this Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  There's childcare for toddlers during the service, and there's a Discovery Hour for all ages at 11:30.


Visitors Are WelcomeWe know it's awkward to be a First Time Visitor, but we'd love to hug you into our family.


Disabled?  Deaf?

Don't worry — you're not the first, and we're committed to our Accessibility Solutions


Take a Second Look

We may look small, but we're just concentrated.  And God has trusted us with Our Mission in Northside.

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Our church has a stately two-aisle sanctuary that's over a hundred years old, and it features colorful stained-glass windows on three sides.  We also have a smaller chapel, a large auditorium/gymnasium, a commercial-grade kitchen, and numerous smaller meeting rooms and reception rooms.  We're eager to make these resources available to any church groups or community organizations that will treat them with the appropriate respect.  We're also very willing to make our facilities available to unchurched families who need an appropriate place to conduct a wedding or a funeral.


Click here to read our Wedding Policy.


Click here to download our Facilities Use Form




All of our facilities are accessible to the disabled, and we have a unisex restroom that's completely compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.  It's located right next to our elevator so it can be reached via wheelchair from anywhere in our buildings.


State laws prohibit smoking inside any of our facilities.


We do have several very large fans that can be effective in the auditorium/gymnasium on moderate days.  We've found that renting portable air conditioning units for special events is prohibitively expensive.


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