Yourspiritualgifts1This Sunday February 5th, after worship service, Rev. Chris White will continue with the second part of the adult/teen Discovery Hour class using the book Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory to help us find and use our own spiritual gifts. You can pick up a copy of theinventory in the church office so you can complete it prior to the class. 


God Calling enewsHow do we hear Him? How do we respond? For the next 4 weeks we will hear from various people (Elders Gary Loomans, Dave Woellert, and Rev. David Zuidema, and testimonies from other elders of how we hear and respond to God. Click HERE to learn more about this sermon "theme" from our website.








Using your spiritual gift 


Listening for God

 Think About IT

 We are built

with the desire

to receive,

but the need to give. It's a need


without giving,

we can't

actually receive."

The Forgotten Way Study Guide