Get real ICONenewsHave you ever had a conversation with someone, and you just wanted to interrupt (gently, of course), and say, "Let's get real!"? How about the other way around, and someone said that you? Jesus had such a conversation one day, with a woman he met as he was traveling with his disciples. You can read the story in John 4:1-41 ... or hear it this Sunday as we continue our Lenten sermon series.  You can also listen to the intro to the series and last Sunday's message HERE


Here are several opportunities to work with our Transformation 2.0 Guiding Team:

NorthChurch Community Connection Experiment: Our team has entered in the community listening/connection phase of our work. Now it's time to connection with people in Northside! Our first experiment will be to invite members to visit CAIN and Phil's Place and engage with the guests. This is just to make connections. We would like members to visit the week of March 20-23: Phil's Place is held on Mon. March 20th in our auditorium from 5-6PM. CAIN's hours are listed HERE. More information will be in this Sunday's CHIMES, and after your visit we would like you to respond to a short 5 question survey. (PUT LINK HERE)

Our church's Transformation 2.0 team will be attending its next training session on Saturday, March 25 from 9-3PM at Sycamore Presbyterian Church. Anyone who would like to come along is welcomed. Please let Erwin know HERE.  In the meantime, the teams are asking congregations to share their most pressing issue at their church. Please click HERE to take the one question survey.




Let's get real!


Community experiment


Transformation training



 Think About IT

"We will

always take

the most care

of that which

we value

most deeply." 

                        - John Ortbert,        Soul Keeping