HomelessKevin Rosebrook, VP of Homeless Services at City Gospel Missions recommends this helpful article from this morning's Enquirer. The article lays out several real life stories of individuals in Cincinnati who panhandle. It also gives great insight from a couple street outreach workers who attempt to get some of the homeless downtown into local resources. Chico Lockhart, referenced in the article, calls Kevin regularly to get men into CGM's shelter. Chico says in the article, "The real battle isn't in getting services. . . it's persuading people to take advantage of them" You can read the Enquirer article HERE.


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If you come to worship this Sunday and see the parking lot filled with more cars than usual, don't get worried . . . or excited! Many of World Outreach Christian Church members will be on a road trip, traveling by bus to Alabama for an anniversary of a congregation whose pastor is a spiritual son of Pastor Chandler. 


NS CleanupNumbers 35:33 "You shall not pollute the land in which you live for blood pollutes the land . . . Even if it's not the exact application for taking care of the earth, the principle of good stewardship cannot be lost in this verse. One way we can be good stewards is to help clean up our neighborhood this Saturday, April 29th, at the Great American Clean-up. Sign up or learn more about it by clicking on the picture above. 

CAINCAIN is seeking an experienced Full Charge Bookkeeper one day per week. The individual must be accurate, detail oriented, and able to work independently. Knowledge of all areas of bookkeeping and experience with on-line Quickbooks preferred. Non-profit experience a plus. Please email resume with cover letter and hourly rate required to MiMi Chamberlin. Start date to be determined.






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Full Charge Bookkeeper

 Think About IT

"A dead thing

goes with

the stream,

but only

a living thing

goes against it."

- G. K. Chesterton

"Do not

be conformed

to this world,

but be transformed by the

renewing of 

your minds." 

- St. Paul

(Romans 12:2)