WK Princesses Dinner enews 1Friday, May 5th, Fellowship Dinner with Princesses and Whiz Kids and their families. Encourage and celebrate the kids and their families. Dinner begins at 6:30PM. Come and be a servant of God by interacting with our neighbors. To volunteer, click HERE.


NDPDid you know that there is a national law requiring our President to proclaim a National Day of Prayer each year on the first Thursday in May? (Read about it HERE.) That day is tomorrow, and it is a good prelude to a week of prayer for our city and community, starting this Sunday, hosted by Northside churches. Whether or not you are attending a prayer gathering tomorrow, let us join believers everywhere in seeking God for the good of our country.



Dinner with Princesses & Whiz kids 


National Day of Prayer

 Think About IT

"Every moment

we live through

is like

an ambassador that declares

the will of God

to us."

-Jean-Pierre Caussade

Abandonment to Divine Providence