Praying together

The Apostle Paul often wrote to his friends and churches he planted and told them he was remembering them in his prayers.  He also asked them, "Pray for us.  Pray also for me." Praying for one another and with one another unites us. 


Last Friday was day 21 of our 40 days of praying together for NorthChurch. And on that day, and every day since, our prayers were magnified p

robably 10-fold.  


IMG 3464

I was talking to Lucy Gacheru on Thursday and I told her we were in this season of prayer to seek God's future for NorthChurch. She said, "Starting tomorrow morning, we will pray with you every day for the rest of the 40 days."  So on Friday at 6:00 AM, after the children had washed up, made their beds and gathered before breakfast in the dining hall / chapel - and every day since then - they have been praying that the same heavenly Father who has given them "a future with hope" (Jeremiah 29:11), would do so for us as well. 


6:00 AM in Kenya is 11:00 PM here. So before you go to 

bed tonight, take a few minutes to join about 200 other powerful and faithful pray-ers and lift NorthChurch up in prayer.  And while you're at it, pray also for Lucy and the children of Hope.  They are in the midst of a 3-month drought, with barren gardens, a 50% increase in food prices, and a 50% decrease in meal portions.  


And if you are able, come and pray with others from NorthChurch tonight at 7:30 PM.


In hope,