Looking up in Prayer

NC Mountains PrayerThis prayer newsletter is coming to you from beautiful North Carolina. The mountains here were formed 480 million years ago and among the oldest in North America. I'm returning today after 5 glorious days with my Covenant Group where we challenged and encouraged and prayed for one another. One time, by hiking to the top of a couple of nearby peaks, from where you can't help but saying with the Psalmist, "Glorious are you, Lord!  More majestic than the everlasting mountains."  This photo is from Rattlesnake, Sunday afternoon, just above Montreat, where we've been staying.


We will be gathering 2 more times to to pray together for NorthChurch: This Tuesday at 7:30 PM, and then next Tuesday at 7 PM, when we'll share with one another what we've been hearing from the Lord in prayer during these 40 days.  


I won't be joining you this evening, since I'll just be arriving home this evening, but I will be continuing to pray for our future together, as all my covenant brothers now are as well.