October 19, 2017


Join us for worship this Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  There's childcare for toddlers during the service, and there's a Discovery Hour for all ages at 11:30.


Visitors Are WelcomeWe know it's awkward to be a First Time Visitor, but we'd love to hug you into our family.


Disabled?  Deaf?

Don't worry — you're not the first, and we're committed to our Accessibility Solutions


Take a Second Look

We may look small, but we're just concentrated.  And God has trusted us with Our Mission in Northside.

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Sneak Preview

Here's a quick look around NorthChurch.

From time to time, we also post pictures of special events on our Photos Of Past Events page.


Here's our mission field — good old Northside.  That's our education building to the left of the sanctuary.

And to the left of that, the brick house is CAIN: Churches Active In Northside.  (See Wider Missions)














Back when our church was founded, Northside was the north side of Cumminsville.

Most of Cumminsville is under I-74 now, but NorthChurch is still ministering here in the central city.










Here's Chris Wallhausser (our Minister of Music) and Erwin Goedicke (our Pastor) on a Sunday morning.

And between them is the back window of our sanctuary.



















In bigger churches, people have to divide into "cells" for their closest friendships.

But at North Church, we're all in a single cell.














Every summer, the ...er... imaginative Northside Fourth of July Parade comes right past our front steps.

Where else would a city council candidate be chased by a woman in an evening gown on a stick horse?














We partner with a Kenyan orphanage called the Hope Community Center.  (See Wider Missions)

This video is from 2009 when some of the kids came all the way from Africa to visit us.




The story of God's relentless love begins in a garden — and ends in a city. 

It takes a little faith, but we can picture Northside the way it'll appear

when Jesus comes again and announces, "I am making everything new."

















Some day this upside-down world will be turned right-side-up again.

And at North Church, we're positioning ourselves for the turn.


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