Raising the Roof

Over the past decade, NorthChurch has welcomed and provided a home for numerous, diverse organizations, events, and community functions. Our building has housed well-known groups like AA, Narcotics Anonymous, Northside farmers market, record fair, precinct voting, CCM recitals, Dramakinetics, Princesses Ballet … you get the picture. (Click HERE to see a full list of groups that have been here.) We have a lot of space and gladly share it.

HOWEVER, we are now facing an ugly reality: a $50,000 roof replacement that our congregation simply cannot afford on our own. We need significant financial help from the Northside community; otherwise, our facilities will not be usable. The situation has become that urgent.

Clearly, losing access to our auditorium and sanctuary would prove a tremendous loss to the Northside community and beyond. Won’t you consider helping us RAISE THE ROOF? Please be generous and CLICK HERE TO DONATE TODAY!