At NorthChurch, a fifth of the money that comes in through our offering plates goes out to missions beyond our walls.  Here are the missions that we’ve been most committed to:

Churches Active In Northside

Back in the 1970s, one woman named Jewel Davis Smith informally started a food pantry in our community of Northside. Ms. Smith ministered to her neighbors in need, and she set a beautiful example in serving others. After Jewel Smith’s death in 1991, Northside churches formalized their association and created CAIN: Churches Active In Northside. The food pantry is now located right next to our church at 4230 Hamilton Avenue. Along with twelve other churches, North Church is very active in supporting CAIN and providing volunteers to staff it. CAIN is an instrument through which Northside’s Christians are a visible, dynamic, and transforming presence in our community. Learn more HERE.

Partners For Hope

We at NorthChurch were instrumental in founding Partners For Hope, a not-for-profit organization that helps support the Hope Community Center — an orphanage providing “a hope and a future” for several hundred children in North Kinangop, Kenya. Three members of our church serve on the board of Partners For Hope, and Lucy Gacheru (the head of the orphanage) counts all of her children as members of our congregation. Over the years, some of us have visited the children in Kenya, and some of the children have come to Cincinnati to see us. Those children in Kenya live as a unique outpost of the Kingdom of God, and overall, we’ve learned a lot more from them than they’ve learned from us.  


City Gospel Mission

City Gospel Mission was founded in 1924 by James N. Gamble of Proctor & Gamble fame, and it’s still going strong today with a mission of “breaking the cycle of poverty and despair one life at a time.”  Until recently, part of the City Gospel Mission operated under the name City Cure. At North Church, our youth minister is on the staff of the City Gospel Mission, we support the organization financially, several of us are involved in the Mission’s Whiz Kids tutoring program, and more than one member of our church has benefited personally from City Gospel Mission ministries. Learn more HERE.